Founder’s Profile

Muhamad Hasan Gaido is an entrepreneur who started his business organizing hajj, umrah, and halal tourism in 2003 under the banner of PT. Gaido Azza Darussalam Indonesia. Through his cold hands, the company PT. Gaido Group is in charge of various business units related to implementing Hajj and Umrah. It has now become a business that encourages sharia economics and finance so that Gaido Group becomes an “Integrated Sharia Business Corporate” holding company.

As a business practitioner, Hasan Gaido often appears as a speaker on entrepreneurship at seminars, discussions, and talk shows at national and international levels. Not only that, as a motivator and author of books, he is often invited to teach and give public lectures at various universities to motivate the younger generation of entrepreneurs.

During his busy business development, Hasan Gaido currently serves as CEO of Gaido Group (Holding Company); he also dedicates his time as President of the Indonesia-Saudi Arabia Business Council (ISABC). Hasan Gaido is also listed as the Bilateral Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Middle East and OIC Standing Committee (KT3-OKI). Currently, he is also active as a member of the Association of Islamic Economists (IAEI) and as Treasurer of the Sharia Economic Community Halal Export Committee (MES).

At the moment of Gaido’s 15th birthday in 2018, Hasan Gaido declared the new vision of the Gaido Group, “Gaido Vision 2045,” which coincided with the 100th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Indonesia World Sharia Economic Center and Gaido Group as a driving force for the acceleration of sharia business activities in Indonesia. , because Gaido Group is an “Integrated Sharia Business Company.”

Gaido Group’s business system is called the Triangle, which consists of Sales & Marketing, Operation & Product, and Finance & Administration. The Triangle is inspired by the definition of faith, which is spoken orally, with the intention of the heart, and carried out by deeds.

Apart from the Triangle system, Gaido Group has five pillars called 5 Steps How to Get Success. Well, Planning (a mature mapping), Goal (a clear target), Strategy (a precise way), Solid Team (a solid and reliable team), and Smart Personal (a superior person). These five pillars are built and based on the pillars of Islam, namely the creed, prayer, fasting, zakat, and hajj. If we can do it properly and correctly, we will get salvation in this world and the hereafter.