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About Us

Assalamualaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarokatuh

Gaido Group is a holding company which was founded by a young entrepreneur, Muhammad Hasan, on 18 February 2003. The name of Gaido as a holding company was taken from his first company Gaido Azza Darussalam Indonesia company (Gaido Travel & Tours), which is a company that provides ticketing, domestic tours, international tours, hotel vouchers, land transportation, Umrah and Exclusive Hajj services.

With the spirit and enthusiasm to serve the country, Gaido as a global brand has gained supports and partners from many countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and also Saudi Arabia. As time goes by, the Company have been progressively expanding and developing which makes Gaido Travel as the holding company of several travel agents.

Empowered by young, leading, professional personnel that share the spirit of unity in the aim to serve for the country and combined with the technology and wide networks, Gaido Group continues to innovate. In addition to the travel agent business as the forerunner, Gaido Group has developed various business units in the sectors of tourism, media publishing, multimedia, property, food and beverages, agriculture, plantations and energy.

Hence, Gaido Travel which established in 2003 up to 2012, for the period of 10 years (decade) is called the first generation of Gaido and since 2013 up to 2022 we proudly declare as the Second Gaido Generation. With strong confidence, Gaido Group will continue to evolve accoriding to the world’s development. Therefore, Gaido Group was born with the spirit of village business into a world-class business.

May Gaido Group could become a strategic-partner in various business fields in order to grow together. It is our strong hope that through unlimited innovation, Gaido will become a world-class company.