International Pious Children Foundation was established as a form of Islamic aspiration and inspiration which scattered and un-accommodated well. Therefore, this foundation is dedicated to all International children, especially towards young Muslim generation development.

Indeed, it cannot be denied by this Nation, the crisis that devastated this Nation is not stopping and it get worse. Similarly, Islamic organizations both social and economy as well as political cannot do much and the condition of Ummah is getting worse. This situation also had an impact on Muslim families, especially the younger generation.

Addressing to that condition, what is required to overcome the condition is not grieving and apathy, but we have to learn to stand up from a downfall. Without any intention to compete with other Islamic organizations which happily exist already, but with full confidence of Islamic teachings as the one and only solution for any problems of life, therefore we should wake up from our long sleep and stand up to reach as the best society.

Together will all the children of the country, Yayasan Anak Shaleh Internasional, with total commitment and not forget to gain Allah’s blessings, will present itself as the development centre of the International Muslim Youth and to make this foundation as a facility for all youth who will bring goodness and benefits to others.