Hermitage of Gunung Karang (Padepokan Gunung Karang) is a dojo of traditional Indonesian martial art (Pencak Silat) which born from our love to the Indonesian local cultural heritage, especially Banten as the land of champion (Tanah Jawara). The local wisdom which possessed by Banten people has attracted the world, but unfortunately there is a different perception which still being kept by the people concerning Banten’s champion (Jawara).

Because of that, the birth of Padepokan Gunung Karang, with all its wisdom and virtues of Banten’s local culture, especially pencak silat is an effort to bring Banten’s pencak silat reach national and international achievements.

Padepokan Gunung Karang is being taught and guided by a trustworthy master of pencak silat, that makes this Dojo as the place for hard training for young generation as the Nation’s future that have interest in martial arts (Pencak Silat). Preserving art and cultural heritage and promotes the name of Indonesia in the world is the objective of Padepokan Gunung Karang in building the characters of Indonesian young generation.

Indeed, the name of Gunung Karang, cannot be separated from its long history of “hermitage” or in other terms “paguran” in the land of Banten, as written in the old Javanese tales and teachings “Serat Chentini”.