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PT. Sani Mobil Indonesia

SANI is one of Indonesian brand for car rental and sales.  The brand of SANI will grow in total transportation management and now spreading the brand from Jakarta Indonesia for the world. The brand SANI is already top mind in car rental field especially in BSD City. The SANI already provide car rental since 2007 and more expanding since become a member of Gaido Group.

The brand is managing by PT. Sani Mobil Indonesia which founded by two Indonesian Entrepreneur Mr. Muhammad Hasan and Mr. Asrulsani Abu in Jakarta Indonesia.

SANI Management start developing SANI brand which provide SANI self drive car rental for monthly, weekly and yearly car rental. We also provide special tour package for special clients for special needs and wants.

The next program of our management is developing the brand of SANI Mobil, SANI Service and Maintenance to create more opportunities to help and satisfying more people. In the future, the brand will offer to be franchised which start from Indonesia to the worldwide. 

The vision of the company is becoming one of the top brand and quality company in Asia.

The mission is giving best quality service and great value for the clients.

The value of SANI brand are based on Spiritual, Assurance, Need and Integrity.

The strategy management focus on total quality management and total life management in creating more satisfaction for all for better future.



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PT. Sani Mobil Indonesia