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The growth of the tourism industry over the years showed a significant development, not to mention sharia tour. Because, in general, tourists especially Muslim people are in need of accommodation and facilities to support their religious rituals, halal food and beverages, including services that based on sharia. Government also continuously demonstrate its seriousness to make Indonesia as Sharia Tourism Destination which not limited to tourism sites but also covers all aspects.

PT President of Tour & Travel was born from an idea how to provide services to the Muslims who travel to several destinations of the world, but its hard to find halal facilities and services. Especially now, not only for Hajj and Umrah travel, but the interest of Muslim people to travelling is increasing. As the leader of halal travel, President Tour is presence to coup with the various needs of domestic or international tourists.

With the support of a reliable team, extensive network, President Tour serve a variety of Islamic tour packages with high-class facilities and qualities, as well as in accordance with the applied Sharia guidelines. Various programs, tour packages and other required domestic & international tour & travel packages also available, we can also create a special tour packages according to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Halal Tourism, Sharia Tourism, Muslim Tourism or whatever the term that clearly requires special attention of its own. Because of that reason, President Tour as a business entity offers an experience of travelling/touring just like any other but with our own added value of sharia/Islamic nuance in its implementation.