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Currently, Banten have ample plantation area. But unfortunately, coffee being one of its commodity is still not up to compared to other areas. Coffee production in Bantam recently reached 2.607 tonnes per year with acreage 6.737 hectares. Though the market demand will be high enough coffee.

Therefore, local governments now encouraged the development of coffee plantations involving local coffee farmers. One of the areas being assessed has the potential to be developed is in the area Of the reef. Moreover, Indonesia is known as the world's fourth largest producer of coffee beans in the world, after Viet Nam, Brazil and Colombia.

To support the Government program, PT Banten initiates the Business community empowerment program to develop the cultivation of planting coffee as well as coffee production of robusta type Of coral. The name of a mountain Crag, accidentally pinned on robusta coffee is traditionally produced by local coffee growers in this area. And indeed, the kind of robusta coffee is capable of growing in the area where the coffee Arabica type – are cheap — cannot grow.

Kopi Gunung Karang which does include this type of robusta, have larger seed size, oval in shape, high caffeine and has a very strong aroma. Textures are also more rugged, so while drunk, then it will be felt in small-grain grains of the coffee beans. Plus a very strong aroma and scrumptious. The scent will typically arises once brewed with hot water. Certainly true coffee lovers can't wait to menyeruputnya.

For the penarasan to enjoy Kopi Gunung Karang could come to Cafe Rawayan tribes or Bantam Restaurant applied to Outbound tourism area in Kampung Pasir Kidul Subdistrict, Sukamanah Village, Baros, Serang Regency, Banten.