First slide, is the next generation of Hajj & Umrah Magazine. An online news portal news to definitely umrah and hajj. News online managed by PT Media Magazine Indonesia (MMI) since the beginning of 2016. presence in order to participate in exciting activities organizing Hajj and Umrah which has become an industry of its own. As the news online, sought to continue into definite news portal about the Hajj and Umrah for Muslims, stakeholders and policy makers of this country.


Site menjadimedia promotion, appreciation, socialization and education for the people outside about the Hajj and Umrah. Realtime, present information and industry news bureau teraktual Hajj and Umrah, the supporting sectors, tips, including gait businessmen and the Muslim travel, as well as the variety of life phenomena Muslim community to look attractive, informative and educative.


Hajj Umrah definite news for all the people of the Muslim world.