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Majalah Haji&Umrah

Hajj & Umrah Magazine (Majalah Haji & Umrah) is published by PT. Media Majalah Indonesia (MMI) since 2011. The presence of Hajj & Umrah Magazine was to actively take part in promoting and encouraging Hajj & Umrah activities which has become a huge and incredible industry. As a magazine, Hajj & Umrah Magazine continuously striving to become the main reference of information in the field of Hajj and Umrah for the Indonesian Muslims, the stakeholders and policy makers in this country.

Hajj & Umrah Magazine is a monthly magazine, is a form of appreciation, socialization and education to the people in the field of hajj and umrah. Our magazine focuses on the issue of reference, ritual guidance, inspiring stories, wisdom, achievement, corporate action, innovation, businessman/woman in the field of hajj and umrah and related fields.

Therefore, Hajj & Umrah Magazine routinely provides actual information concerning the development of hajj and umrah industry and its affiliated sectors, activities of businessman/woman, Islamic da’wah, activities of Islamic gathering as a Muslim community, exemplary stories, comprehensive information concerning hajj and umrah rituals and also various phenomenon of the life of Muslim people which presented in an attractive, informative and educative forms.

Hopefully, Hajj & Umrah Magazine which synergizing with can become “a Reference on Hajj & Umrah” for the Muslim people in Indonesia and across the world.

Majalah Haji&Umrah