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A research says that over the past ten years, the trend of people buying apartment and condotel is increasing. In the year 2000, this type of residential was hunted by the buyers and the players in this property industry currently are racing to develop green residential area providing green living or nature conservation. Besides the provision of green area more wider, design and building materials also being strived to meet with environmentally friendly concept.

Developers began hunting areas that are still green and natural. Including, to recreate a densely populated urban area into a residential area into a green and natural living area. One of Indonesian developers is Gaido Land, a property developer who continues to expand. With a idea of holistic area which integrated with the best quality and sustainable environmental friendly and natural living, Gaido Land is able to perform and compete in Indonesia real estate industry.

Several products were launched and gained positive response. Among the projects which are currently being developed by Gaido Land is a resort and cottages in the slope of mountain Karang in Banten regency. An integrated area which offers a living that adopted the philosophy of life of Banten people (Baduy) that connected to the tourism area of Baduy Outbond with total area of 12 hectare. Another prestigious project is Gaido Tower, a residential area which developed to provide home living for the people who are working and living in Jakarta.

Gaido Land in developing an area, emphasizing on the passion and sincerity so that in the end it will create a strong relations between the developer and the customers. Gaido Land provides an area that could complete the needs and desires of a family and also the needs of the business, both spiritually and physically.