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The garment industry in Bandung is a well-known industry since long time ago. In fact, various international brands are produced in Bandung area since 1980. The products are qualified for European standards, America and Japan. Of course, this become an indicator of acknowledgment of Bandung garment products in global market.

Gaido Garments under PT Business Bandung flag is one of the business entities that are part of a thriving garment industry in Bandung today. As the name implies, PT Bisnis Bandung is located in Bandung, West Java. Where Bandung is the center of textile and garment industry in Indonesia. Its main products are producing muslim clothing and equipment needs for Umrah apparels like ihram cloth, muslim casual cloth, women prayer veils, muslim shirt, group uniforms, and luggage or bags with Gaido labels.

Despite carrying a local brand, but Gaido Garments believe that the quality not less with the world labels. By involving skilled, reliable and experienced workforce, PT. Bisnis Bandung always put forward the quality of its products. PT. Bisnis Bandung is worthy to become a bridge for the producer and customer in marketing and opening the local or international market network.

The products of Gaido Garmen is known of having its special character, classy and exclusive. For those who require various products of muslim clothing, hajj & umrah apparels that are affordable, inexpensive but yet exclusive and high-quality, Gaido Garmen is your solution and your best option.