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Test development of information technology continues to move fast. Hardly any aspect of life that does not need the support of digital technology. Everything is computerized, fast-paced paced and full of innovations. It feels like, when a business organization is absolutely nothing touches it, then prepare to be left behind. No wonder that all activities require the support of information technology.

Departing from the digitization of information that phenomenon continued to expand that, born Cangkirware. A brand developed by PT Riau Gaido Business since 2013. Companies engaged in the field of information technology services providers making desktop applications, mobile applications, information systems, websites, multimedia, animation and installation network.

As an information technology-based services company, PT Riau Gaido offers Business solutions that are effective and efficient for the information needs of various business entities through innovations that continue to be born. As stated in the vision, Cangkirware as the brand that became the inspiration for information technology in Indonesia. As for the Mission of working to the greatest extent possible to assist and educate the public about the importance of the application of technology in a variety of fields. To realize this, Cangkirware continues commitment to providing service that is professional and timely.

IT company Consultant who digawang the thirteen young people are proficient in the areas IT has been handling both projects are individual and institutional good of Government and private multinational. Call it; Pelalawan Regency Government, the City Government of Pekanbaru, PT Taspen Office (Persero) and PT PLN (Persero) and much more.

With an emphasis on service, professionalism and a solid teamwork, Cangkirware is always ready to give birth to quality services in the development of information technology.