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Umrah, now seems to become a way of life of Muslims in all parts of the world, including Indonesian Muslims. Moreover, now the waiting list for pilgrimage from year to year is become longer and the cost also increasing due to high-demand.

PT Cahaya Hajar Aswad Indonesia, is a travel agent company which specialized in exclusive hajj and umrah services that provides a solution for the Ummah who wishes to perform umrah at a reasonable cost. Although inexpensive but not cheesy. We are offering the best quality of facilities in its class as well as professional and maximum services.

Indeed, PT. Cahaya Hajar Aswad Indonesia or better known as Cahaya Travel, is deliberately targeting low and middle class income society but our commitment to serve the Guests of Allah is undoubtable. With the support of excellent team, extensive network as well as many years of experience, our travel which uphold the tagline of "Yours Travel" is frequently become the people's choice and trustworthy for those would like to save budget or who have limited expenses to travel.

With Cahaya Travel, the intention to perform Umrah rituals become more easy and inexpensive, and by God's willing their prayers will be accepted by Allah the Almighty and their journey will be blessed.