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The resulting from the process of rice cultivation of all-round organist without a mixture of chemical substances. Starting from the location of the cultivation free of air pollution and pesticides through the use of manure, including ways of eradicating the worman problem whatsoever using natural ingredients. Where the process of Organists that directly improve the structure and fertility of the soil and build a sustainable ecosystem (sustainable).

One group of farmers who grow organic rice cultivation is the community that exists around a mountain Crag, Bantam built under the Business of PT Banten. Not only cultivating organic rice products only, the results of traditional farmers were accommodated and marketed to lovers of organic rice.

The name of a mountain Crag into a brand of organic rice produced by the farmers of coral around the mountain. And one of the organic rice users Mount reef is a Bantam Restorant, a resto – that is in the area Baduy wisara Outbound — which offers a traditional menu of Banten.

Organic rice Coral Mountains included in superior varieties. The main content of this type of rice that is vitamin B1. Where the ingredient is on this type of rice is higher than with regular white rice. Even with vast grounds. Rice is rich in amino acids. In addition, organic rice is believed suitable for diet menu.