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Outbound Baduy is a tourist area that offers a variety of outdoor activities combined with the concept of Education Culture of Baduy. Because, in this area, not just outbound activities offered, but can enjoy and learn the culture without having to Baduy area first. All were summarized in eight destinations.

Under the management of PT Bisnis Banten, tourist areas is deliberately raised the Outbound Baduy brand as the identity-which is believed to be no and there was never any other in the world. By adopting a philosophy of life Bedouin-which have an adventurous spirit and be able to survive life a remote area that is in the wilderness is approximately 10 kilometr from the Ciboleger, Lebak, Banten that can only be reached on foot, passing through nine hills and forest- forests are still unexploited.

Outbound Baduy existence meaningful and purposeful as a vehicle or a means of developing human resources and natural resources. Sharpen the adventurous spirit and made people who survive in all conditions, have life skills so as to appear as a great human being and reliable. No wonder that, Baduy Outbound packaged in a travel theme Great People Must Survive.

In addition to outbound activity and agricultural education, agriculture, livestock and fisheries, in this place can also enjoy treats Banten Restaurant with typical traditional menu Banten. Then there Rawayan Cafe with coffee grain Mount Reef in the middle of rice fields. Once the attraction Padepokan Mount Reef thrilling. Also can buy handicrafts typical Banten people in GaidoMart. For those who are curious to set foot in Baduy area, do not worry, Baduy Outbound also provide exciting travel package.

Baduy Outbound tourist area located in Serang, Pandeglang KM Jalan 14, Kampung Pasir Kidul, Sukamanah Village, District Baros, Serang has natural scenery is so charming. Not only surrounded by rice fields, presence and charm of Mount Reef the main attraction. With a beautiful panorama from various angles and a complete tourist facilities, Baduy Outbound is fit for family tourism.